Seminar 901: Nutrition and Metabolism (Advanced)
Course Description:
This is a seminar format class in which current topics in metabolism and biomedical research are discussed and critically evaluated. Papers are selected by students with approval from faculty instructors. On a rotating basis one student leads the presentation and discussion each week. All students read material assigned each week, and each student other than the presenter must submit written material through the canvas site in advance of the class. The discussion leader will explain the background materials, methodology, experimental results, and broader implications of the publication. All participants will be expected to take an active role in the discussion and the presenter is expected to incorporate and address the questions in their presentation. At least two faculty will preside over each class and will promote discussion. At the end of each session the faculty present will directly provide input to the speaker.

Biochemistry 508: General Biochemistry
Course Description:
Biosynthesis of biological molecules, signal transduction mechanisms, chemistry and metabolism of nucleic acids, protein synthesis, and molecular and cellular biology. Enroll Info: A grade of BC or higher in Biochem 507, or consent of instructor. Honors credits available with consent of instructor